Why Hire a Licensed Interior Designer?

Why Hire a Licensed Interior Designer?

Why Hire a Licensed Interior Designer?

An interview with Mary Daust, Vice President, Hospitality Resources & Design.

Refurbishing a timeshare resort can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. We asked a design professional why a design firm should be used versus attempting to manage the process on your own. The full interview is below.

Question: Why should an association or management company pay to use your services versus buying product themselves?

Mary: The difference is product quality and industry knowledge. There is a large difference in residential versus commercial grade products. Commercial products will last longer and adhere to code requirements and industry standards.

A licensed Interior Designer is required to adhere to state, federal and local codes. A well versed Interior Designer will follow industry standards based on current technology and knowledge of design trends and styles.

All fabrics in a commercial setting must be fire rated. It’s a costly mistake to specify the wrong fabric. For example, if the wrong fabric is used on a window treatment, upon inspection the fire marshal could require the property replace them. Worst case scenario, in the event of a fire the property could be liable.

Question: What other aspects of a renovation are licensed designers required to know?

Mary: ADA requirements are an important consideration. Knowing your responsibility is imperative. We can incorporate ADA design to make the property more functional for everyone.

I’ve met with many properties that think they are “grandfathered” out of ADA compliance because they are older, or they are exempt because it’s residential. That is not the case. All public buildings must be ADA compliant.

Question: Won’t the product be more expensive using your design and purchasing services?

Mary: Yes and no. For quality product that will withstand the rigorous use of timeshare, our prices are within the current industry price points. Many times a board member will go to a furniture store and see a sleeper sofa for $600. That sofa will most likely not have commercial grade fabric or a durable sleeper mechanism. A basic commercial grade sleeper sofa may start at $900. That price is dependent on the mattress quality, fabric specified, and cushions selected.

We can typically customize product to fit within the budget. Our long-term relationships with vendors give us preferred volume pricing and great customer service. Once we develop the scope, budget and timeline, we work with the vendors to make it a reality. We facilitate every aspect through and beyond installation to make sure the client is satisfied.

About Hospitality Resources & Design

Hospitality Resources and Design is a licensed interior design firm with in-depth knowledge and experience in all segments of the hospitality industry. Founded in 2008 by Richard Budnik, HRD has built a solid reputation for outstanding service in the hospitality industry with a specialized focus on timeshare resorts. The HRD team is led by Mary Daust, ASID, LEED AP ID+C and includes licensed interior designers, certified building contractors, LEED AP and NCIDQ certified professionals. Committed to using their expertise in providing clients with the innovative design while completing projects on time and in budget, the HRD team will provide exceptional service throughout the design and installation process.

Their diverse hospitality portfolio includes projects of all sizes. From newly constructed timeshare resorts to branded hotel improvement plans. HRD has the experience and talent to create a vision and make it reality.

HRD Advantage

  • Each project is assigned a team of professionals including
  • Licensed Interior Designer
  • Design Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Project development can include
  • Scope, Budget and Timeline
  • Digital Design Elevations & Perspectives
  • Scaled Floor Plans
  • Design Presentation Board
  • Projects are managed from concept to completion
  • Site Visit
  • Design Collaboration
  • Conceptual Drawings and Presentations
  • Design Specifications
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Post Installation Product Support

Recognized in the hotel and timeshare industry for their innovative designs and attention to detail, the HRD team is ready to work with you on your next project. Regardless of scope or location, they will schedule a site visit to begin a successful collaboration. Visit for details or call 877-574-9060.


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